Express couriers




TCC takes great care of both your national as well as international (overnight) express deliveries. Our extensive international network enables us to distribute your shipments throughout almost the entire world within one day. Due to our collaboration with the in Germany certified ISO 9001:2008 ‘Der Kurier’ we have gained a lot of experience in transporting shipments between the Netherlands and Germany. We have, for example, within excess of 250 different stations in Germany alone. By means of these different stations we are able to respond to a wide variety of requests (e.g. weekend deliveries, collectors, adjustments of delivery scheedules). Naturally, our network encompasses a larger area than merely Germany and we have associate stations in for instance Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, China and South-Africa.



TCC Express is the best solution for international shipments. Our extensive international network enables us to deliver parcels throughout the entire world within a day.


By means of local agents we are able to provide the fastest and best service throughout the entire world. TCC is, unlike large integrators, not constrained by a rigid and cumbersome network. This means that we can listen to your request and demands and provide you with an offer that is tailor-made to your situation. Besides the fact that this will improve your service experience we are often able to offer rates that can be considerably lower than our competitors and/or large integrators. By means of our fast and personal service in combination with an extensive network, we believe that we are your ideal express partner. We are more than willing to help you in making the transport decisions. 


Naturally, we offer you the possibility to place online orders via our website where we have incorporated a trace function that can be accessed by means of the shipment number. Through this you can gain insight in the current status of your shipment. Website aside we will frequently update you on the status of your shipment. To provide just that little extra service we are, upon request, willing to take care of the order entry process, and additionally, if desired we are also willing to take care of the necessary paperwork. Ask for our competitive rates that are specially tailored to your demands.




Service is our priority and thus we made sure that shipments can be ordered online and that the consignment (vrachtbrief) can be printed straight from our system. On request we provide frequent updates on the transports to keep you up-to-date and naturally, we will send you a copy of the POD (proof of delivery) right after delivery. Ask for our competitive rates that are specially tailored to your demands. Don’t hesitate to call us! We are available 24/7 and are more than willing to help you in designing an offer that best serves your transporting needs. Although, we design plans that are especially tailored to meet your demands we are still able to offer competitive prices.